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Cleaning with Danielle Box

Cleaning with Danielle Box

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We have teamed up with the lovely Danielle to bring you a box full of Danielle's favourite Spanish cleaning products and must trys. Danielle shared how she liked to use them in her home 👇

Inside includes :

* Brumol cleaner Ropa Limpia- My most favourite scent.. I love diluting it in a bowl with water and using it absolutely everywhere!

* Asevi blue disinfectant- I love diluting this with water in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces, leaves your home smelling amazing for days! A little definitely goes along way.

* Asevi Green Pet Friendly cleaner- Such a lovely fresh scent, I love to use this for all my floors! Leaves them so clean and shiny. 

* 3 Brujas glass cleaner- I use this for all the glass and mirrors in my home, with a trusty window cloth leaves a streak free shine everytime!

* Ropa Limpia Air & Fabric Spray - amazing to use around your home and on your bedding every morning!  


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